PRIDE $7.00 Avail In Collections

Pink Unicorns

Pink Unicorns $9.00 Avail in Collections


Bourbon Street $8.00 Avail In Collections

Best Seller -Beach baby (Palm Free)

Beach Baby "Best Seller" $8.50 Avail In Collections


Patchouli Rain $7.00 Avail In Collections

Peach sea goddess

Peach Sea Goddess $9.00 Avail In Collections


Turmeric Ginger $8.50 Avail In Collections

Country Apple

Country Apple $9.00 Avail In Collections

Patchouli Sandalwood

Patchouli Sandalwood $8.50 Avail In Collections

Sea Goddess LemonGrass

Lemongrass Sea Goddess $9.00 Avail In Collections


PURE Unscented $8.50 Avail In Collections


Tea Tree $8.50 Avail In Collections


Lemongrass $8.50 Avail In Collections

Patchouli Rain

Patchouli Rain $8.50 Avail In Collections

Espresso scrub

Espresso Coffee Scrub $8.50 Avail In Collections

KISS ME - Peach

KISS ME- Peach $8.50 Avail in Collections

Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter $10.00 Avail In Collections

Gardenia Lily

Gardenia Lily $8.50 Avail In Collections


'Merica $8.50 Avail In Collections

Beach Daisy's

Beach Daisy's $9.00 Avail In Collections

Rose (Palm Free)

Rose $8.00 Purchase In Collections

Shaving Lotion Natural Artisan Shaving Lotion


Halloween Artisan Natural Soap Purchase In Collections


Artisan Natural Soap Sea Goddess Clover & Aloe - Artisan Natural Soap - Purchase In CollectionsScented

Hand Sanitizer - Lavender Aloe

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - Lavender Essential Oil and Aloe. Purchase In Collections

Sea Goddess - Avail In Collections

- Artisan Natural Soap - Purchase In Collections

                                      About Our Soaps

     HollywoodBotanika is a woman-owned, small business. Our luxurious soaps are gluten free, vegan friendly and Cruelty-Free.

Handcrafted in small batches with organic oils, botanical, pure essential oils and natural clay. Inspired by nature.

     Each is is simply unique and crafted with peace and harmony for a soap that's good for you and our earth.



 - D.

After you're done shaving, your face is really smooth and stays moisturized rather than dried out like normal shaving creams.

eucalyptus mint.jpeg

- M.

Wow... what a refreshing scent. It invigorates you when you are near it. Just a nice soft feeling on your hands. When I used it and had a nice, gentle aroma. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!


- O.

A totally delicious smelling soap by the Soap Guru Hollywood. This floral creation is unisex, don't be shy try it. I'm very happy with my purchase from Hollywood Botanika. The variety keeps getting better with every batch